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The tank is lited by 3 units of Giesemann Nova II pendant, equipped with 14kk 250watt DE bulb. 2 units of 5FT 80watt T5 blue2 on dimmanle ballast to simulate sunrise and sunset, controlled by IKS system.
Filtration and Plumbing
The filtration concept consist of both Berlin methodology and DSB, the later is incorporated due to the high cost of Live Rock. In order to reduce high cost of rocks, rack is place in tank as base structure to lift the rock up and expose the DBS layer.
Water return is driven by a Red Dragon 12m3 pump. Its a very quiet pump pushing 12000 litres of water back to the tank.
Initially, a Tunze Comline skimmer 3160 but later its replaced by an Aerofoamer 830 driven by a Red Dragon 8m3 pump.
In tank circulation is provided primarily by 2 units of Tunze stream 6100, each deliver out 12000 litres on each side of the tank. And also 4 units of Tunze Turbelle 4002 classic, 3700L/hr each, to cut thru' the path of the Stream to create additional randam wave pattern. All 6 pump are hook on IKS variable socket and wave action control by IKS Aquastar.
Calcium Reactor
This a the calcium factory I rely on to maintain Ca and dKH level for my tank. It's DIY job by one of great DIYer. The body can hold up to 10kg of ARM media.
Temperature Control
An Arctica 1/2 HP chiller deploy to control a stable temperature between 27.5 to 27.8 to the tank. This is done by the control unit of the IKS system. I decided not to cool the water much lower as this really strain the chiller alot. The water capacity is just too much for the chiller to handle in his hot and humid climate. In order to reduce the room temperture further, the chiller is mounted outside the house.
Main Control
Here we come to the main brain of the entire reef system. The unit is able to control many aspect of the reef system. These are the control I deploy now: on/off Metal Halide, sunrise/sunset effect on T5, moonlight with moon phrase, create random wave action, temperture control, auto top-up, monitoring is water parameter etc etc.

Currently its only preforming water parameter monitoring without an instructed action assign yet. This will be my later project to fully automate the entire system.

Nothing much to upgrade for now. Just got a Fluidized Reactor to run some phosphate resin

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